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student debt playlistDuring my first litigation/legal internship, my attorney supervisor Johnny Barnes always said that a music makes a movement because music unites people, engages people, captures attention, and magnifies a mention. — And if it’s catchy that also helps.

So when I came across Generation Progress

Your #ItsOurInterest Student Debt Anthems [PLAYLIST]

I was ecstatic!!! — So much so I posted it directly to the blog and via Twitter.

Here are the songs embedded!



Mastering the Transition from College to the Real World

This blog piece has some great points. My friends and I experienced many of the examples illustrated within. But at the end of the day you can do it!

My best tips are to: surround yourself with people you like to spend time with and support, do you best to stay in touch with as many college friends as possible, explore you new city if you are able to move out of you parents’ home, and listen to a lot of music — it’s fun, de-stressing, and can rock your world in good and bad moments. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations, it’s ok if you do not know anyone in the room.

After all when you first started college, it’s likely you didn’t know very many people, and yet it was some of the best years of your life — I know it was for me. I needed to for housing — but I met loads of new people by living in a hostel for a semester. Some people were long -term like me and others just passing through. I have been the backpacker before, but this was different. I met extraordinary people many of whom I still hang out with today. I think I’ve mentioned this experience in other posts, but I reiterate it because it was so meaningful.

I know I wish I had more time to read for fun or write for fun (plays and songs) like I used to. I still do sometimes. Although I am much better at time management than I was before it’s important to keep exercising the skill.


For many non-traditional students, Commencement Day will be a day of celebration on a Saturday or Sunday, followed by back to work on Monday morning. The adult or non-traditional learner has mastered the art of juggling school, family and work, and will look at graduation as an opportunity to take a breath. Fitting classes into work and family life is not easy, and completing that final course means that you have just gained back a significant amount of time per week to fill with new responsibilities perhaps, and best of all, you now have the degree that you desired.

For traditional students, those students who graduated from high school and went directly to college, the transition from college to the next stage in your life, the real world as it is sometimes referred, can be more dramatic. Alena Hall, in her article on the Huffington Post last Friday, puts it…

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren — LIVE at the AFL-CIO HQ — Highlights on Student Loans & Minimum Wage

I was very excited to see Senator Elizabeth Warren speak today at the AFL- CIO!

She has been dubbed the Peoples’ Champion and she is certainly a champion of college affordability and ending the student loan crisis.

Here are some videos. Two on student loans and one on the minimum wage. Please note: I was in the back — still completely worth it. I’m short and my arms were shaking a bit, but you can hear her beautiful message pretty clearly.

AFL-CIO Executive Council Statement on Accessibility in Higher Education

If you don’t have time to read the whole thing – the first and last sentences say the vital points beautifully.


February 18, 2014

At the 2013 convention in Los Angeles, the AFL-CIO reaffirmed its historical commitment to increasing access to post-secondary education and alleviating the financial burden that now too often is part of that education. Accordingly, we call on federal and state policymakers to make post-secondary training and education more accessible by ending the trend of disinvestment and increasing funding for public higher education, especially community and technical colleges.

State funding for higher education is now at lower levels in the last quarter century.  To make up for lost state funds, schools have raised the price of tuition fees by more than 1,000% since 1980.  States have cut crucial student services such as tutoring and job placement, and has led to radical changes in the academic workforce.  Colleges are increasingly relying on contingent faculty to do the bulk of teaching.  Contingent faulty– who now comprise more than 70% of…

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YES! Students should be paid to have at least 1 year of funded service

What a great idea!-> Colbert Interview with General Stanley McChrystal.

Poetic stickup: Put the financial aid in the bag – Carvens Lissaint

Great video!
– Thanks to GenerationDebt  for bringing it to our attention via their blog.

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Thank you for all of your support and being a part of the discussion to make higher education affordable.

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The Quarterlife Crisis and The Twenteysomething Identity

The Quarterlife Crisis and The Twenteysomething Identity.


Textbooks! – It’s that time of year again

book store_our time

Picture came from

It comes about twice a year at the beginning of each semester. “Ahh I need to buy my books and it’s breaking my wallet!!!!” Fortunately schools need to provide the Higher Education Opportunity Act schools must provide information on the textbooks including the coveted ISBN number.

This means students don’t have to break their wallets if they plan and buy their books early enough – leaving time for mail delivery.

Also ask upper classmen friends. I’ve had several awesome ones who gave me a discount or let me use it for the semester for free. Also some organizations on campus might have a textbook lending library for its members.

Every bit helps. Some great sites to save yourself some moolah are:

    (with your .edu you can get amazon student prime for 2-day free shipping for 6 months)
  • (especially for those who like to rent)
  • The Amazon Kindle app for the PC is free – many books are cheaper electronically. So if you don’t mind reading from the computer the prices are great and it’s instantly delivered. Some smart phones will also let you read your books too.

Some sites even let you compare prices:



Top Engaging People – the NoLo Awards

For a long time young people of voting age between the ages of about 18-30 (ish) were considered to be apathetic. As a result, many politicians didn’t cater t their concerns and policy interests because they weren’t active. And because the politicians didn’t pay as much attention there was minimal motivation. We had the classic chicken and the egg dilemma. Over time the activism of young Americans and even young adults around the world has grown. As many know there was a record turnout of young voters in 2008 and immersion in the civic process has continued beyond the voting booth through social media and just word of mouth.

In addition, the presentation of politics has changed significantly to make it overall more interesting and engaging to many. There are many standout people, organizations, and programs I’d like to point out and thank for working toward increasing young people’s involvement. Please note although many of these programs use comedy/satire and should likely be fact checked after reading watching – they are still phenomenal. So I like to think of this post like a fun award. Let’s call them the NoLos (Short for a A Future of No Loans – for those who spread the word about the student debt crisis and other important policies for young people, the nation, and the world in captivating) Although not as well-known as an Emmy or Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Award, but worthy nonetheless.

So… Here are the winners! (alphabetical order and yes many are political comedians.)

  1. Amy Poehler
  2. Chris Rock
  3. College Humor
  4. Fred Armisen
  5. I am not a loan
  6. Jason Sudeikis
  7. Jessica Williams
  8. Jimmy Fallon
  9. Jimmy Kimmel
  10. John Stewart
  11. Our Time
  12. Samantha Bee
  13. Sarah Silverman
  14. Seth Meyers
  15. SNL
  16. Steven Colbert
  17. The West Wing (TV show)
  18. Tina Fey
  19. Will Ferrell

This is an initial list. If you think I missed anyone vital, please comment and I may add them in to expand beyond these media figures if deserving.


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