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Poetic stickup: Put the financial aid in the bag – Carvens Lissaint

Great video!
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The Quarterlife Crisis and The Twenteysomething Identity

The Quarterlife Crisis and The Twenteysomething Identity.


Textbooks! – It’s that time of year again

book store_our time

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It comes about twice a year at the beginning of each semester. “Ahh I need to buy my books and it’s breaking my wallet!!!!” Fortunately schools need to provide the Higher Education Opportunity Act schools must provide information on the textbooks including the coveted ISBN number.

This means students don’t have to break their wallets if they plan and buy their books early enough – leaving time for mail delivery.

Also ask upper classmen friends. I’ve had several awesome ones who gave me a discount or let me use it for the semester for free. Also some organizations on campus might have a textbook lending library for its members.

Every bit helps. Some great sites to save yourself some moolah are:

    (with your .edu you can get amazon student prime for 2-day free shipping for 6 months)
  • (especially for those who like to rent)
  • The Amazon Kindle app for the PC is free – many books are cheaper electronically. So if you don’t mind reading from the computer the prices are great and it’s instantly delivered. Some smart phones will also let you read your books too.

Some sites even let you compare prices:



Top Engaging People – the NoLo Awards

For a long time young people of voting age between the ages of about 18-30 (ish) were considered to be apathetic. As a result, many politicians didn’t cater t their concerns and policy interests because they weren’t active. And because the politicians didn’t pay as much attention there was minimal motivation. We had the classic chicken and the egg dilemma. Over time the activism of young Americans and even young adults around the world has grown. As many know there was a record turnout of young voters in 2008 and immersion in the civic process has continued beyond the voting booth through social media and just word of mouth.

In addition, the presentation of politics has changed significantly to make it overall more interesting and engaging to many. There are many standout people, organizations, and programs I’d like to point out and thank for working toward increasing young people’s involvement. Please note although many of these programs use comedy/satire and should likely be fact checked after reading watching – they are still phenomenal. So I like to think of this post like a fun award. Let’s call them the NoLos (Short for a A Future of No Loans – for those who spread the word about the student debt crisis and other important policies for young people, the nation, and the world in captivating) Although not as well-known as an Emmy or Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Award, but worthy nonetheless.

So… Here are the winners! (alphabetical order and yes many are political comedians.)

  1. Amy Poehler
  2. Chris Rock
  3. College Humor
  4. Fred Armisen
  5. I am not a loan
  6. Jason Sudeikis
  7. Jessica Williams
  8. Jimmy Fallon
  9. Jimmy Kimmel
  10. John Stewart
  11. Our Time
  12. Samantha Bee
  13. Sarah Silverman
  14. Seth Meyers
  15. SNL
  16. Steven Colbert
  17. The West Wing (TV show)
  18. Tina Fey
  19. Will Ferrell

This is an initial list. If you think I missed anyone vital, please comment and I may add them in to expand beyond these media figures if deserving.

Writing Your Own Script – Man v. Debt Ted Talk

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Top 2 Picks from “InTheCapital’s Must Read Edu Articles From This Week”

13 New Year’s Resolutions for New Grads

How college pricing is like holiday retail sales

Gallup, Purdue to Examine Post-college Success – Higher Education

Gallup, Purdue to Examine Post-college Success – Higher Education.

It’ll be interesting to see where this goes. Usually I have heard people say, “it’s too big a task and too many variables.” Yes, it is complex, but I am glad someone is trying.

“Why We Banned Legos” and other resources for teaching about markets and capitalism

\”Why We Banned Legos\” and other resources for teaching about markets and capitalism.”Why We Banned Legos,   bAnn Pelo and Kendra Pelojoaquin

These early childhood educators didn’t really “ban” Legos, but they did take drastic action to help children explore power, ownership, and equity.

Blog bonus article: “‘Lego Fascists’ (that’s us) vs. Fox News“”

Having been involved with the Lego Robotics program, the title took me by surprise. I was also shocked because I know from working with kids how precious legos can be recreationally.  But then I read that they didn’t actually “ban” it and then the article really got interesting. It truly captured the mind of a child and how they view leadership, creating groups, valuable things, and the concept of inclusion and fairness.

It’s amazing how a simple game that originally for fun can not only help with building skills, geometry, creativity, and teamwork lead to such a problem solving – community conflict resolution exercise. The children became really really invested. And although for awhile they excluded others in the long run what a beautiful and fantastic lesson to see.

They were having active and engrossing passionate discussions on very important topics in a way that is relevant to their

present interests and as they get older. Many of these topics are highly contentious and discussed today in the media and throughout politics: how leaders are chosen, helping new neighbors into your community, what power looks like and they most effective ways to use it for everyone’s benefit; ownership, ethics, the distribution of wealth, charity, etc… Likely without even realizing it they were learning the beginnings of how policies are made based on the needs of a community.

This example is great because it demonstrates that no person is to young to learn how to be involved and that everyone can have a voice in a cause they wish to impact. Imagine if we can teach our children how to discuss issues close to their heart and find a solution without a gridlock and without becoming nasty. I say the possibilities are endless. I highly recommend taking the time to read this story.


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