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The frequency of the blog has changed. When summer comes, it will be more often but for now more sporadic because of law school and because I now have my first paid full time job!

The twitter will remain active in a regular basis. I hope to write more in depth posts about some of those tweets too.

Another goal of the year is to focus on the up and coming legislation relating to college affordability and student debt.


Walking the Plank

You’ll either survive or you won’t.into the sea


Perhaps you’ll make it eventually.

But how long will that take?

How much does your degree really matter or truly prepare

You for the sea of resumes that are about to swallow you whole

suffocating you and dragging you down into the depths that we call

the job market – the real world.

Once you are in the sea, will you be able to get back on the ship
or find an inhabited thriving island [of employment] to be on more stable ground?

OR will you be stranded on the deserted island of a minimum wage job, temp job {IF you are semi-lucky}, or yet another unpaid internship. How long can that last?

How can you stick out in the white foamy watery sea of resumes and survive?

Will you jump in or be pushed?  BUT will you be prepared either way?

In the sickening storm that is The United States’ recession, unemployment is dangerously high and so is the ability for young adults to find jobs to make a basic living. Recent graduates – our up and coming workforce is suffering.

And with the incredulous cost of getting a college degree, grads drowning in loans, interest rates spiking, competing with stronger swimmers with higher degrees and vast more years of experience; the future looks grim.

This blog will discuss the ever-expanding ongoing employment crisis – particularly how it affects young adults. These issues include the barriers in the job market for those entering the market; the dilemma of getting intriguing unpaid, but valuable experience v. minimum wage/job searching [what I call the never-ending intern]; college costs; paying back loans; and trying to find ways & new policy solutions to make this wave of highly motivated creative, and qualified individuals more employable; finally looking at job search tips (like ways to network) to help maneuver around our troubled system in the best ways we can.

So YES, the job market is like walking the plank. I don’t know about you, but I intend to survive, even if it takes one blog post at a time.

(This was also the first post)

  1. Thanks for the follow.:) I think that your blog is serving an important purpose. You’re highlighting serious concerns and asking critical questions.

  2. Very much appreciate your focus on the HUGE problem that this and future generations are going to have to deal with from a debt crisis aspect. There ARE alternatives that students (and parents) have that must be talked about and promoted. We (SKoolAide) are driven to be part of that conversation and solution.

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